La Cage aux Folles – Take a look inside the Bird Cage

On Saturday morning, October 28th, standing on Littleton’s grassy knoll and holding up a Bible Verse Sign, my eyes caught the advertising poster at
the Opera House for La Cage aux Folles across the way. That Irony put a
smile on my face at first; I’m standing here proclaiming some of the
foundational moral standards of this Town and this once Great Nation, and more significantly proclaiming the pathway to a saving knowledge of the Creator.

Then across the street, they are advertising a play, which some try to call “art”, about nothing more than various homosexual behaviors. As that
irony sunk in deeper, the smile left my face.

For those not in-the-know, La Cage aux Folles is a 1973 French Play about two homosexual men who own a south-of-France coastal nightclub Drag Show performance venue. This stage performance became a big “hit” in America and subsequently spawned the 1996 movie called The Birdcage with Robin Williams.

The French Play and the Movie The Birdcage were viewed as playful mockeries of various homosexual proclivities. The intentions of 42nd street and Hollywood were to cash-in on the downward spiral of Western Christian Society and more importantly to normalize what are euphemistically called “alternative lifestyles”. As a Born-Again Christian, I’m ashamed to admit that I too at one time committed the lamentable sin of laughing at seeing homosexual men mocked and satirized.

Face it: La Cage aux Folles is as much “art” as a Stormy Daniels hardcore pornographic film is an Oscar winner.

Caveat Emptor is the principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase. Anyone who purchases a ticket to this performance or who appears in this performance must consider their responsibility to their family (especially their children), their community, and their Creator, of what they are purchasing and thereby endorsing.

We know what was on the minds of some of those who brought this performance to Littleton. The Culture War is raging in this little town and
those (many of whom are just outsider rabble rousers) who seek to change its values are fighting harder and dirtier than those of us who are being attacked. I don’t think we can win this war. We are in a battle where the enemy has no moral compass and would never abide by the normative standards of any war, which in this case are simply open and honest discussions.

Ken Leavitt, Sugar Hill, NH