Biden Is Not On The Side Of The American People

Biden has made a pact with China this past week to start shutting down fossil fuel production.  The US and China will implement green energy deployment at an accelerated pace. Needless to say, there was backlash regarding the impact it will have on US citizens. Also, China (and India) produce the most carbon emissions on the planet. China has a history of human rights violations as well as not holding up to their end of agreements.  Is anyone naive enough to think that China would even consider adhering to this one?

The U.S. extended a sanctions waiver that is allowing Iran to access 10 billion dollars in frozen funds as long as they use it for humanitarian aid. I doubt very much that Iran will actually obey this agreement. Iran has forever been chanting “death to America, death to Israel”. This will only end up funding Iran’s proxies attack on our own military forces in the Middle East. Representative Mike Waltz stated that “it is absolutely outrageous the Biden Administration continues to find ways to send Iran money — especially from Iraq, where the same Iranian-backed militias who are targeting American forces increasingly run the show and are helping keep Iraq addicted to Iranian energy.”   (Remember Obama also sent Iran (his buddies) 800 million in cash).     

Biden also sent 100 million in aid to Gaza and the West Bank and warned Hamas against utilizing it for themselves instead. (Wow, I’m really sure he meant it.)

Biden also gave 235 million to Palestine in 2021, overturning Trump’s policy of cutting off all funding. (Why would he do this one must ask). Well look at what Palestine used it for. What a surprise.  

Recently Biden and Xi Jin Ping agreed to limit AI use in the systems that control and deploy nuclear weapons as well as the technology’s use in autonomous weapon systems such as drones. Again, how many people believe that China will hold up to their part of this agreement? Meanwhile, our top generals just said that the US military needs AI vehicles and weapon systems to be a superior global force. 

Biden will also release $3.5 billion of Afghanistan’s central bank reserves that were frozen in the United States after the Taliban took over last year.  The United States has set up the Afghan Fund at the Bank for International Settlements “to kick-start the economy before the winter exacerbates alarming levels of hunger and poverty”. The U.S. Treasury said the money will help pay Afghanistan’s debts and bills, keeping the economy afloat. What? The 88 million in military equipment we left behind there after the disastrous pull out wasn’t enough?  And we’re worried about their economy and their bills before winter exacerbates levels of hunger and poverty?? How about our own economy, hunger and poverty? We have people starving and struggling here yet Biden and his ilk are more worried about our enemies. 

We have given Ukraine almost 90 billion in aid, weapons, etc. Remember, Biden was actually worried about their ability to heat their homes and fund their pensions! Even when our government was on the verge of shutting down, there would STILL BE MONEY for Ukraine!! But what exactly is this money being used for? Money laundering and kickbacks most likely. Remember, Hunter Biden sat on the Burisma board and made millions. Also the Ukrainian government is infamous for its corruption. Some of the weapons we sent there ended up in the middle east and Mexico. The pentagon at one point couldn’t even account for some of the millions sent there. It literally disappeared. Yet let’s keep sending them money. Nothing suspicious about that, right?

Now, how about the poor people in Hawaii who had everything destroyed? They got a whopping $700.00 each. Just think about that for a second and put it into perspective.  Biden is hell-bent about ENSURING OUR ENEMIES have millions and billions of dollars yet our own citizens who were virtually wiped out got just 700.00 measly dollars. It makes no sense at all. Meanwhile we have inflation, high crime, rampant homelessness, a wide open border, stifled energy production, indoctrination in our schools, demonized underfunded police, concerned parents who are labeled terrorists by our own government and a depleted military.  That tells you everything about this filthy administration and their priorities. 

Needless to say that Biden and his handlers have a whole other agenda. It has nothing to do with the welfare of American citizens. This is all about crippling our country and making our enemies stronger. Biden may talk a good game about standing up to our enemies, but his actions truly prove otherwise. 


Patriotism Lives at Lafayette Regional Elementary School

Just as they did years ago when they answered the call to serve our country in the various branches of our US military, local northern Grafton County veterans answered the call again, but this time, by accepting an invitation, and attending an event by the students and school staff as recipients of a “Thank You Tribute to our Veterans.”

The vets were honored as part of the schools “We Salute Our Veterans” in the school auditorium.

In-coming Principal, Amy Kopp, along with SAU 35 Superintendent, Kate Segal, welcomed all for this first-of-a-kind event at Lafayette, held on Monday, November 13, 2023. I know I’ve never witnessed this event at this school in the 20 years I’ve lived here.

Many thanks are being extended to the classroom teachers, classroom paras and subs, the multi-talented librarian, the gracious music teacher, the “Coast Guard vet” custodian, the school secretary and office staff, and the cafeteria chef who is also a vet! It seems from the outcome of this marvelous display of gratitude and patriotism by the students and staff… all involved devoted much time and effort in making this tribute such a warm, wonderful, and meaningful event, not only for the vets, but more importantly, for the impressionable, young students.

It was refreshing to see the entire student body stand, place their hands over the hearts, and recite The Pledge of Allegiance to our American Flag. Great job, kids!!

One could tell that the music teacher spent considerable time leading the Lafayette School Chorus in singing a Thank You Tribute entitled “The Brave” written by John Riggio. Another wonderful expression of Thank You to the vets was played by the Lafayette School Band, and led by the same music teacher. The selections which were played included “When the Saints Go Marching In” and “Ode to Joy/Conquest,” which went off without a hitch! Who knows…someday, these same students may be playing in the US Army Band, or the US Navy Band, or the US Air Force Band? And, to think, it may have all started here in little Franconia Elementary.

“Thank You” letters, written by the students themselves, and read to the assembled audience via a microphone, promoted some self-confidence in these students! Maybe, a Presidential candidate will someday spawn from that courageous reading!?

The final “Thank You” by the kids to the vets was a memorable march around the auditorium with the kids waving and shouting “Thank You” to the vets.

All in all, this “Thank You Salute” by the students and staff of Lafayette Elementary School left this vet with the view that there is still hope for the kind of America envisioned by our Founding Fathers centuries ago.

The students’ display of patriotism should be a model for other New Hampshire school boards and town boards to emulate.

Nick De Mayo, M. Ed., QM-3, USS John F. Kennedy (CVA-67), Navigation, Plank Owner Sugar Hill, NH (603) 823-9816


La Cage aux Folles – Take a look inside the Bird Cage

On Saturday morning, October 28th, standing on Littleton’s grassy knoll and holding up a Bible Verse Sign, my eyes caught the advertising poster at
the Opera House for La Cage aux Folles across the way. That Irony put a
smile on my face at first; I’m standing here proclaiming some of the
foundational moral standards of this Town and this once Great Nation, and more significantly proclaiming the pathway to a saving knowledge of the Creator.

Then across the street, they are advertising a play, which some try to call “art”, about nothing more than various homosexual behaviors. As that
irony sunk in deeper, the smile left my face.

For those not in-the-know, La Cage aux Folles is a 1973 French Play about two homosexual men who own a south-of-France coastal nightclub Drag Show performance venue. This stage performance became a big “hit” in America and subsequently spawned the 1996 movie called The Birdcage with Robin Williams.

The French Play and the Movie The Birdcage were viewed as playful mockeries of various homosexual proclivities. The intentions of 42nd street and Hollywood were to cash-in on the downward spiral of Western Christian Society and more importantly to normalize what are euphemistically called “alternative lifestyles”. As a Born-Again Christian, I’m ashamed to admit that I too at one time committed the lamentable sin of laughing at seeing homosexual men mocked and satirized.

Face it: La Cage aux Folles is as much “art” as a Stormy Daniels hardcore pornographic film is an Oscar winner.

Caveat Emptor is the principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase. Anyone who purchases a ticket to this performance or who appears in this performance must consider their responsibility to their family (especially their children), their community, and their Creator, of what they are purchasing and thereby endorsing.

We know what was on the minds of some of those who brought this performance to Littleton. The Culture War is raging in this little town and
those (many of whom are just outsider rabble rousers) who seek to change its values are fighting harder and dirtier than those of us who are being attacked. I don’t think we can win this war. We are in a battle where the enemy has no moral compass and would never abide by the normative standards of any war, which in this case are simply open and honest discussions.

Ken Leavitt, Sugar Hill, NH


The Radical Left’s Poison

Recently in Oregon, the education officials decided that mandating students to be competent in reading, writing and math in order to graduate is unnecessary and disproportionately harms students of color. Hundreds of people responded in opposition to this including gubernatorial candidate Christine Drazen who said “It is not bigoted, it is not racist, to want your students to be able to actually learn”. Remember this is the same state that came up with “ethnomathematics”, because math involves finding the correct answer. Well, they believe that “White supremacy manifests itself in the focus on finding the right answer”, therefore it is no good. So according to these people, being educated and striving for accuracy in mathematical calculations is racist.

A little while back in Philadelphia, two nights of looting and destroying stores took place. Mobs of people, coordinated through social media, went on a two night rampage through the city, looting and destroying stores. The police chief said that this had NOTHING to do with an earlier shooting incident and was just an excuse to riot. There were some arrests made including a woman known as “Meatball” who was live streaming to her 181,000 instagram followers and encouraging the rioters. There was a huge critical outcry against her. Her lawyer immediately caused the criticism against her as racist:

“It sickens me to witness the media’s complicity in what can only be described as an all-out assault on black and brown people, as their character and actions are mercilessly vilified,”….” These people were looting and destroying stores, and no one is supposed to criticize them? And if you do then you are racist?

Hillary Clinton says that all Trump supporters need to be deprogrammed and that they are all racist and the GOP base is all bigots. So she is implying that all Trump supporters should be literally rounded up and imprisoned and have some mental procedure/indoctrination performed to make them think differently? Sounds like the Nazi Dr Josef Mengele who did experiments on the concentration camp prisoners. So, according to Clinton, if you support law and order, strong penalties for criminals, working for a living, fair trade, a strong defense, secured borders, energy independence, low unemployment, (among the lowest ever for minorities, under Trump!) low gas prices and accountability, then you are racist and must be “reprogrammed”?

New York City has agreed to pay more than $13 million to roughly 1,300 people who were arrested or “beaten” (yeah, right) by police during the BLM riots. The police do their jobs to try to stop the destruction and looting of the city as well as physical attacks on innocent people and they were wrong in doing so? And these criminals end up being rewarded for their actions? If you recall, anyone who spoke out against BLM was deemed racist.

Ibram X Kendi and Espn is doing a special on racism in sports called “Skin in the Game. Really? Well most of the NFL and NBA are black and are mostly millionaires. Even In college football under the new NIL system, college players can now make money in endorsements.—Dieon Sanders’ son, Shedeur, for example, who is the quarterback of the University of Colorado team, has endorsement deals worth 5.1 million. So this young black man is already a millionaire and not even out of college. Boy, I guess making millions of dollars for playing a game with people cheering you on and doing commercials is a form of discrimination. Who knew?

And let’s not forget Peter Buttigieg’s claim that the highway systems had racial inequities because they were designed to separate black from white communities. Are the white passing lines on the highways racist too?

As usual, this is the radical left’s “go to” strategy. As soon as something goes against them or if someone opposes them or calls them out on their actions, they are automatically a racist. There is also the left’s “cancel culture” who try to make EVERYTHING racist. Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott (who is black) sees through this poison and speaks out against it. (I feel Tim would be an AWESOME president!) I believe that most minorities also see through this poison. They see that they are being played and used for the radical left’s gain. They see the truth. The “cry racist” garbage is a “boogeyman” the radical left created basically because they can’t stand on the principles of their policies and radical ideology which is steeped in socialism and marxism. So to get people to buy in they create a “boogeyman” which will in turn create a “you against the racist American system” mentality. Say it loud enough and often enough and people will begin to believe it. This is their way of getting votes. People need to stop supporting this ilk in ALL levels of government positions from the president down to city councils and school boards. Their filthy rhetoric rapidly permeates in ALL places of our society and spreads like cancer. People need to vote in conservative candidates who support our constitution, law and order, accountability, common sense and just plain old human decency.


Carrie Speaks For All Of Us

In the Sept. 2nd edition of The White Mountain Record, Littleton Select Board member and NH District 1 State Senator, The Honorable Carrie Gendreau, voiced her concern over transgender/diversity artwork being displayed on Jing Fong’s building on Jackson Street in Littleton.  The artwork is being sponsored by NOCO Mural Project and North Country Pride.  In addition to others, Becky Colpitts, outreach community coordinator for The Littleton Food Coop Market, who is representing Granite United Way, provided the grant money to pay for the mural.

Senator Gendreau has been receiving many “anti-Carrie” letters in The Record’s LTE section for sharing her views on the matter, especially because of her official titles.  In my opinion, she has the courage, and the duty to speak for all of us who are stakeholders in our northern Grafton/Coos communities (NH State Senate District 1), which she represents.  Senator Gendreau speaks for those stakeholders who are afraid to speak out due to personal retribution.  She speaks out for those who are afraid for their own personal safety.  Senator Gendreau is focusing attention on this issue to help stop this “Liberal-Progressive-Socialist-Communist Bully-ism” toward a segment of the area’s silent residents.  This “wicked tongue-lashing” of a good woman, a good Conservative public servant, and an experienced legislator is deplorable!  Definitely, a political attack, as well!  She and the NH Senate have been there for us in legislating common-sense issues like: school choice, lower taxes, anti-recreational-cannabis-use legalization, and securing our NH borders from invasion by illegal migrants as well as many other Conservative pieces of legislation.

These attacks on Senator Gendreau’s integrity are being waged by the same people who supported Edith Tucker (“I never supported an income tax!”) for NH District 1 State Senate seat now proudly held by Senator Gendreau!  Thank God, Carrie beat her.  Just imagine where we, in NH, would be today, if Edith Tucker won?

One irate opponent criticizes Senator Gendreau while he holds an elected, public position as Moderator of the Profile School Board!  What a hypocrite!  Who’s “calling the kettle black,” Mr. “Let’s-Legalize-Recreational-Cannabis”!  His comments seem very suspicious….perhaps he’s positioning himself for a State Senate run after losing another run for Representative?!

In reading following editions of The White Mountain Record, you’ll notice some other frequent, slobbering “Liberal-Progressive-Socialist-Communist,” anti-Conservative voices from the surrounding towns of Bethlehem, Easton, and Sugar Hill whose efforts re: this matter seem well-coordinated to promote this act of “Liberal-Progressive-Socialist-Communist Bully-ism” of silent, Conservative, Christian area voters and taxpayers.  Or, am I just acting as a “conspiracy-theorist”?

Senator Gendreau has been there for us.  It’s our turn to be there for her!


This is Insanity

by Alex Foryan

In the past month we have seen some unbelievably ludicrous actions of the radical left. In New York, the city is going to pay the BLM protesters that rioted in 2020, destroying, burning, looting and attacking the police and innocent people. 1300 people are going to be paid 13 million dollars if they were”beaten” (yeah, right) and arrested by the police. What message is that sending? It’s OK to riot and destroy property and hurt people because of the actions of one man? What message does this send to the police officers in NY? That the police are all wrong for using force and arresting these people who physically attack them, others and are destroying property?
Basically NY just gave a green light to any group (that the radical left supports) to do anything they want because there will be no consequences. In fact, they may get rich off of it. Because, in the radicals’ eyes, the rioters are the victims—not the homeowners, store owners, police and innocent bystanders.
In Illinois, the state passed a law ending the cash bail system. The justification was that it was unconstitutional because some don’t have the money to post bail. Well gee, golly, gosh! Maybe they should think of that before they go out and perform criminal acts! So anyone who commits a crime and is “not a threat” will be set free immediately. Businesses and people are leaving Chicago because of the theft, property damage and violence.
Remember what their new progressive Mayor, Brandon Johnson, said when gangs of teenagers ran amok in the city damaging property, fighting police, setting cars on fire and attacking innocent people? He said that he didn’t condone what they did BUT “they should not be demonized because they were starved of opportunities in their communities”. This guy defends these thugs who are destroying his own city? As mayor, shouldn’t he be prosecuting all of these criminals and standing up for the law abiding, tax paying citizens? I wonder if he would feel differently if they destroyed his home and hurt members of his family. He probably lives miles away in a beautiful safely guarded house. As far as the “starving opportunity” narrative goes, I guess if these kids aren’t coddled and handed everything it gives them the right to go on a destructive rampage. The only thing they are starving from are parents who should be teaching them right from wrong and holding them accountable.
In addition, the Illinois governor, JB Pritzker, signed a bill that will allow non-citizens to become police officers! Let’s see, they are going to have a no cash bail and non-citizens for police officers. What could possibly go wrong? Also, Chicago, like NY and other Democrat led cities are putting illegals up in hotels. I guess they never thought about our own homeless veterans or other homeless US citizens that they could take care of instead.
In California, the “Snake Burglar ( he crawls on his stomach to avoid the motion sensors) pleaded guilty to 54 felony charges and has been set free. When he was arrested, he had just been sentenced to 16 months for a prior 23 felonies. Due to jail overcrowding, he was only locked up for 10 days. This guy steals hundreds of thousands of dollars of property and is set free.The Riverside Police chief said “that more time was spent investigating this guy by his officers than the amount of time this guy spent in jail”.
Lastly, our DOJ is suing Texas because they are trying to keep illegals from entering by putting floating barriers in the Rio Grande. A country is NOT a country without borders. A country has a right to protect its borders. Basically Texas is doing what the federal government should be doing. It’s obvious that the Biden administration is all about allowing people to run across the border. No problem for them because the American taxpayers will foot the bill. Plus these illegals will be a bloc of support for the elections–it’s naive to think that they will not be voting somehow.
The aforementioned outrageous actions are all on the part of the radical far left Democrats. I’m sure there are many moderate/common sense Democrats that would disagree with these actions but will not speak out against them. (Does anyone think Truman, JFK or Joe Lieberman would support this madness?) If people keep voting for these radical candidates it will only perpetuate this insanity and spread it throughout our country. It can seep into other states including our beloved New Hampshire. The moderate Democrat and independent voters really need to take a hard look at this. They can make a difference by casting their vote for Republican candidates who would never pay violent rioters, end cash bail or hire non citizens to be on our police forces. If our country keeps heading in the direction in which it is going, we will be nothing more than a third world banana republic.
Alex Foryan
Landaff, NH


Scotus Ruling on Affirmative Action and Tuition Relief

by Alex Foryan

SCOTUS got it right with their ruling on Affirmative Action and Tuition Relief. Affirmative action is so wrong and ridiculous—why should someone get preferential treatment because of their skin color or ethnic heritage? Jon Wang, an Asian-American student had a 1590 SAT score (with a perfect score on math) and a 4.65 grade average. He applied to 6 elite schools and was turned down. His guidance counselors actually warned him that he may have a tough time because he was Asian. How ludicrous is that? Why should a student who worked hard and achieved high test scores and grades be kept out because their ethnicity doesn’t fit into the DEI model? Also, when you utilize affirmative action you are stating that the DEI specific minority groups are not smart or hard working enough to get in on their own merit. THAT IS SO WRONG, DEGRADING AND DISRESPECTFUL! Of course the left responds with their usual “white supremacy” blah blah —-it’s so disgusting. As soon as you disagree with the far left, you are a white supremacist.

Of course, Obama had to chime in. You know he will never miss a chance to play the race card. He stated “But for generations of students who had been systematically excluded from most of America’s key institutions — it gave us the chance to show we more than deserved a seat at the table. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent decision, it’s time to redouble our efforts”

Well if minorities are systematically excluded, then why do we have so many AWESOME minorities in high positions in all professions of our society doing AWESOME things?

And instead of Obama’s idea of redoubling efforts for Affirmative Action in colleges, what about the high school students redoubling their efforts in school? How about parents redoubling their efforts to instill educational values and a work ethic into their children? How about having a mindset of earning something instead of having it handed to you by playing the victim card? There was a black doctor in Illinois who said he had 2 medical degrees—-he stated that he was NEVER held back from any institution in his effort to achieve them. Basically, this man worked hard to get where he is. He also probably had parents who instilled good values such as hard work, the value of an education and choosing to be a decent human being. Gee, what a novel idea! Work hard and earn your success.

As far as college tuition is concerned, why should taxpayers pay for someone else’s tuition? Why should someone who never went to college have to pay somebody’s tuition? I myself, as well as many others, paid our own loans off. I would not expect anyone to pay mine or would want anyone to. It’s called being responsible and accountable. But do you think Biden’s administration really cares about the people with school loans? The Dems who supported this probably realized that this wouldn’t go through, but the optics look good to get votes. They will just blame it on the conservatives in the Supreme Court.

Again, SCOTUS got it right on both issues and I’m willing to bet that the majority of America agrees with them.

Alex Foryan
Landaff, NH


2023 Franconia Old Home Day

This year the Town of Franconia, NH celebrated their 250th Anniversary. These are some photos taken by NGCRC Member Kathy Lynch.


NGCRC Meeting An Evening with NH GOP Chairman Chris Ager

The Northern Grafton County Republican Committee (NGCRC) will be holding its monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at the Littleton Senior Center, 77 Riverglen Lane, Littleton, NH 03561 with guest speaker, NH GOP Chairman Chris Ager.

ALSO, NGCRC Gun Raffle …just in time for NH Spring Turkey Hunting Season (Mossberg 500 Turkey/Tactical 12 gauge shotgun) tickets will be available for purchase. Winner has choice between gun or $500.00 CASH.

Come, pick yours up just in time for turkey season!


Littleton Senior Center
77 Riverglen Lane
Littleton, NH 03561


Nick De Mayo
(603) 823 – 9816


NGCRC February Meeting

Northern Grafton County Republican Committee (NGCRC)
Tuesday, February 21, 2023 ~ 6pm

The NGCRC will be holding its monthly meeting on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 6:00 pm at the Littleton Senior Center, 77 Riverglen Lane, Littleton, NH 03561. This meeting is open to Registered Republicans and Like-minded Conservatives.

Presentation of 80-minute DVD by Trevor Loudon entitled, “Enemies Within.” Could your US Congressman/woman, US Senator pass an FBI Security Check? “How is it that less than 20,000 US Socialists, Progressives, and Communists can influence the politicians, and even make the laws that control the lives of over 300 million Americans?”


Littleton Senior Center
77 Riverglen Lane
Littleton, NH 03561