Op Ed, “Americans – wake up!”

Let’s stop blaming everything on COVID!  True, it was the start of things going wrong…people dying, loss of jobs, mask mandates, etc.  Thank you, China. Then, Joe Biden came into office.

Look at what is going on.  We are being overrun by illegal immigrants.  Our borders have been eliminated. The drug cartels are getting richer by the minute, and the drugs here in America have exploded with thousands upon thousands of drug deaths.

Let the immigrants come, however, but let them come LEGALLY!  We have enough drug problems, money problems, and stealing and killings, now.  Do we need more?

You can say what you want, and you can ignore the problems by “burying your head in the sand,” but it is here!  Do we want Socialism?  NO!  Let’s all get together, and fight this.  I know many of you did not like President Donald Trump.  However, he DID the job.  He loves America!!

Democrats and Republicans look around.  Is what President Biden doing OK?  His approval rating is 28%!

We NEED TERM LIMITS!  Should we continue to give these career politicians all that power?  Take Nancy Pelosi, for example, she is a dedicated dictator by being in power for almost 50 years!  They make so much money in politics, and then we give them, or should I say, they TAKE a great benefits package  – for the rest of their lives!

Republicans should wake up!  You say you are upset about what is going on, and then do nothing.  In the next election, we need to get rid of the RINO’s!  They are NO help to the Republican Party!

Democrats should wake up.  Look around you.  The stores are empty.  No one is stocking the shelves in many of our stores.  Many restaurants need servers, and good, experienced professionals as nurses, police, fire, and teachers are quitting because we are giving lots of money at the start of the COVID epidemic, and it’s still going on now!  FREE everything!  STOP IT!

Why are the Democrats allowing a President (in name only!) to run the country who is incapable of running it by himself!  So, who is really “pulling the strings”?  It’s all done “behind closed doors”!  The Vice President isn’t any better with an approval rating LOWER than the President’s!  In addition, many of her staff members are leaving her staff.  All she does is laugh at what is going on.  Where is she, anyway?

It is sad that the Republicans and the Democrats cannot civilly debate the issues, clearly and understandably so we can all grasp the issues and their positions….for the BETTERMENT of our great country!  The Democrats have closed minds.  They just don’t want to debate.  As Dr. Phil says, “How’s that working for you?!”

The drug cartels have taken over.  They are getting extremely rich with open borders.  Drugs are destroying our youth!  Look around you.  We now have a country of Zombies!  All they do is sit around, shoot up, and get high.

There are some good Democrats in office who need to speak up, and stop being puppets!  Otherwise, we can say “Good-bye” to the country that we have all known.  I cannot believe that the Democrats, as smart as they think they are, can really approve of what is going on.  Wake up, Democrats!

Why are we thinking of giving illegals $450,000.00 per child of our tax money?  I know many Americans who could use that money, themselves, to pay for their sky-high heating bills this winter.  That scares me!

President Biden is thinking of shutting down another pipeline.  Is this crazy, or what?  America has vast reserves of oil, coal (2nd only to China!), and natural gas, and we are begging Saudi Arabia and Russia to pump more oil in order to lower gas prices.  Does that make sense?  Last year, we were energy independent; now we are begging for help.  Democrats are in lock-step with the Biden Administration on this, and many issues.  Why?  Aren’t they independent thinkers?

We have young people going into stores, stealing whatever they want, and all the owners can do is watch it happen.  What are we doing?  “Defund the police” has taken over, and the police officers’ hands are tied instead of trying to protect the people they swore an oath to serve.  If they try to arrest someone for breaking the law, they are told they are racists, and the criminals are allowed to go free.  Take the guy who drove into the Christmas parade marchers in Wisconsin.  If his bail were set higher, he wouldn’t have been able to drive through that parade, killing all those innocent people.

California used to be a beautiful state.  The governor is incapable of running it.  He is one of the Elite, and has shown his people he can do whatever he wants.  Who would want to visit California these days?  All you see on the streets are tents, drugs, needles everywhere, feces, urination, and pan-handling.  The homeless have taken over, and are allowed to do whatever they want.  No wonder people are leaving California in droves to re-settle in other states!

The protestors don’t want to just protest.  All they want to do is burn the American flag, destroy buildings and statues, loot, and fight.

Why don’t the Elites like Oprah, use her Billions of dollars, and speak up?  Why, because they can run away to one of their many houses, and have a great time behind their gated communities, and not think about what is going on in the lives of the rest of us.  Obviously, they do not care!  Don’t they realize they cannot take their Billions with them when they go?  They can give to their many charities, and do good all around the world, but why not start with America?  All they would need to do is SPEAK UP!  That’s what is needed now.  When God comes for them, and He will, what will He say?  I gave you talents, and you made Billions, but you destroyed America!

Critical race Theory.  Why?  Let us be who we are?  Who cares what color….we are all children of God!

Let’s all try to get along with each other, and pray, pray for America!

Nick De Mayo, M. Ed.
Sugar Hill, NH