Area Local Boards “Take a Knee” by NOT Saluting the American Flag

Colin Kaepernick would be proud of the way some New Hampshire area local boards open their monthly meetings …by choosing “No!” to saluting our American Flag before their monthly meetings.  As if on cue from the NFL, our area local boards are “taking a knee” right under our noses!  Since attending some of these local area board meetings (town & school) in the last few months, I’ve learned that all but one of the SAU 35 White Mountain School Boards have chosen NOT to say the 10-second Pledge to our Flag! Why would they choose to do this to words which unify our citizens, which assimilate newcomers to our culture and way of life, which honor members of the community-at-large whom these board members represent, such as the infirmed, the elderly, the taxpayers, the parents, the veterans, the businesses, and the children for whom they should be setting an example? Shouldn’t these board members show some gratitude to the hard-working taxpayers whose American “greenbacks,” whether in the form of local tax dollars or in the form of federal grant monies, pay for many, if not all, of the facilities, heat, salaries, books, programs, transportation, lunches, after-school programs, field trips, sports programs, computers & technology, pensions, and other necessary items like electricity which make these schools function?  We also pay for the SAU building which comprises many additional departments, equipment, and personnel. One very important historical event that occurred in America during its formation as to why these local New Hampshire town and school boards, as well as state boards, should be saluting our American flag before their monthly meetings goes back to June 21, 1788 when the independent state of New Hampshire was THE crucial and all-important state who cast the 9th vote (2/3 vote needed by the 13 states) to ratify the Constitution, thus creating the newly-formed “United States of America.”  We created this new Constitutional Republic and the new symbol of the “red, white, and blue.”  How can we create a new country with a new symbol, and then refuse to honor it every chance we get? It’s like creating a child, and then abandoning it! Some of these boards don’t even display our American flag to its rightful place of honor during public meetings.  I guess selectboard members, planning board members, school board members, and other officials were never Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, or perhaps never served in the military.  Some boards have our American flag up on a wall hidden from view by a pile of boxes, while others place our American flag in the alcove near the bathroom door, hidden dastardly from public view.  There’s a whole book dedicated to proper placement of our American flag whether it be displayed at local public meetings, on a street, from a building, with foreign flags, on one’s door post, on one’s porch, over a door, when to fly it at half-staff, when to fly it at full-staff, how long to fly it on holidays (Veterans’ Day =  full staff all day; Memorial Day – half-staff until noon only, and then raised to full-staff). A Fifth-Grade teacher had a wonderful reason why his students should always salute our American flag…”see those 50 stars,” he would explain.  “They represent millions and millions of other Americans whom you never get to see or meet personally.  Saluting our flag is a way of saying, ‘Hello!’ to each of them every day!” 

Nick De Mayo, Sugar Hill, NH

NH Earned the Privilege of Holding “First in the Nation Primary”

ABNER DOUBLEDAY invented baseball, and is “the father of baseball.” Walter Camp created football while James Naismith invented basketball. All are honored for their accomplishments. The Scandinavians introduced skiing to the world while Greece created the original Olympic games. Both are so honored.

Honoring “firsts” seems to be a worldwide custom as well it should be. Why is it that Joe Biden forgot this practice?

We honor George Washington as “the father of our country” because he is the first president of the United States.

So, too, with Neil Armstrong as “the first man on the moon.” The Wright Brothers, history tells us, are the first men to invent, build, and fly the first successful motorized airplane. Henry Ford is forever remembered for inventing the automobile assembly line, and thus creating millions of affordable automobiles. Let’s not forget Thomas Edison who invented early versions of the electric light bulb, phonograph, and motion picture camera. These individuals are forever honored for their unique accomplishments “bettering the world.” Where would we be without Alexander Graham Bell’s important invention of the telephone? The list goes on. We honor Jackie Robinson for the courage he demonstrated in becoming the first African-American to break the baseball color line. Tom Brady is honored as the G.O.A.T. for his accomplishments in football.

What about a group of voters of a particular state who voted in a timely manner to create a constitutional, republican government for the people of the 13 independent states? These voters, by voting when they did, allowed the creation of one, united country, namely, the “United States of America,” from the  13 separate, individual entities, or 13 “independent states” that they had become after the War for Independence from Great Britain on April 15, 1783.

According to those rules of governance (unification/agreement) that our Founders created, nine (2/3) of those independent states had to consent to join together to form one union under a new constitution (agreement) in order to dissolve the old, weak agreement known as “The Articles of Confederation.” So, nine out of 13 were needed to dissolve the old agreement, and create this new agreement of unification (the U.S. Constitution).

The independent state of New Hampshire was that ninth vote, which thus allowed creation of this new country. Due to this vote by the New Hampshire delegation, the idea of the United States of America was born!

The new country adopted the new name the United States of America. This important and timely vote occurred on Sept. 21, 1788. Under Article VII of the 1787 U.S. Constitution stated that once nine states had ratified (voted in favor of), it would become “sufficient for the establishment of this Constitution” between the 13 states so ratifying the same. “Ultimately, New Hampshire achieved the honor on June 21, 1788, putting the U.S .Constitution into effect. A new nation was born!

All Americans and both political parties should honor New Hampshire for this “first,” of ratifying this new constitution, and thus, creating a new country. Granting New Hampshire the privilege of holding the “First-in-the-Nation-Primary’”(FITN) every four years is an honor rightfully deserved!

James McKim, president of the Manchester, NH-NAACP agrees. Speaking on WMUR’s “Close Up” (Sunday, Jan. 22, 2023), he stated “…FITN shouldn’t be on race. Other factors need to be included.”

In a commendable show of bipartisanship, state Democrat leader in Concord, Donna Soucy of Manchester, supports the Granite State’s FITN position.

New Hampshire’s two U.S. Democrat senators, Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan, slammed President Biden’s proposal to put South Carolina ahead of the Granite State on the Democrat Party’s presidential primary calendar “misguided” and “short-sighted.” Further, Shaheen quipped, “It’s tremendously disappointing that the President failed to understand the unique role that New Hampshire plays in our candidate selection process as the first Primary state.” (New York Post, Dec. 2, 2022).

I think President Biden, due to his discernable, cognitive disabilities, has forgotten U.S. history with this ludicrous presidential proposal to end New Hampshire’s 104-year status as the state to lead off the nation’s electoral process.

In the words of Governor Chris Sununu, “But I have a message for them (DNC Primary Committee) and President Biden – you can try to come and take it – but that is never going to happen. It’s just not in our DNA to take orders from Washington. We will not be blackmailed. We will not be threatened, and we will not give up. You see the New Hampshire Primary has stood the test of time, giving everyone a fair shot.”

Nick De Mayo lives in Sugar Hill and is Northern Grafton County Republican Committee chairman.



Letter to the Editor

On January 19 the NH State “Office of Planning and Development”, another of Sununu’s new bureaucracies, will hold a session to “educate” state reps about upcoming housing legislation. The OPD is nothing more than a taxpayer-funded lobbying group which, like the Housing Appeals Board, should be illegal. They are pushing for passage of bills that give more of your tax dollars to favored developers to flood your little towns with ugly, unwanted stack’n’pack housing.

The Housing Appeals Board — which by the way for you libertarians who love to run crying to the state for your “rights” — has heard few, if any, appeals from ordinary homeowners about the free use of their property. Instead, this 3-person group of appointees has sided 95% of the time with developers against voters of towns in which those developers appealed planning and zoning decisions that were not favorable to them. Put plainly, those town meeting votes were nullified.

Governor Sununu pays much lip service to local control but in truth, continues to defy it by pushing state takeover of local zoning and planning decisions. Every time one of his Bolshevik-style bills gets defeated he creates another bureaucracy to effect an end run around the legislature.

Zoning and planning decisions belong to the towns and not some unelected, accountable state agency made up of industry hacks. Every town office should be challenging the HAB and taxpayer funded lobbying in court. Every voter should complain to their legislators and governor.

For more information, please visit

Jane Aitken


Biden’s Agenda Leaves the Welfare of Americans Behind

by Alex Foryan, Landaff, NH

We are into winter and people are struggling financially to heat their homes. Due to Biden’s policies, oil prices are high, our strategic oil reserves are low and are being depleted and we have inflation and job layoffs.  Biden’s administration has stifled drilling and stated that all coal plants will be shut down. As our fuel prices soared, he then begged OPEC for oil and recently Venezuela. Now think about this. Venezuela has a ruthless dictator and Biden wants to give him money for oil  instead of putting it into our own country?  He can open up drilling, create jobs (and bring back the ones that were cut), and make us energy independent (just like Trump was doing!). Fuel prices would drop which would help businesses and consumers alike. This in turn would bring down prices of goods and services, thus helping our economy. Instead Biden and his administration are more focused  on getting rid of fossil fuels. Their  UNREALISTIC radical green energy agenda is more important to them than the welfare of American citizens who cannot afford to heat their homes.  Meanwhile we have sent over 18.2 BILLION  to Ukraine! This is so ludicrous! What is all of this money going to exactly?  How about using some of that money here to help our own citizens during these tough times? Additionally, our southern border is wide open thus allowing illegals to pour into our country daily. Guess who will be supporting them? The American taxpayer, of course. Biden’s actions are crippling our country and directly affecting the lives of American citizens. One would think that the President of the United States would do things to help his own people.  Apparently those things are nowhere to be found on Biden’s agenda.


Op. Ed. “Biden is the Neville Chamberlain of the 21st Century”

For those of you old enough to remember the cause leading up to World War II, you will remember it was the “blitzkrieg war” invasion of Poland by Hitler on September 1, 1939.

For those of you not old enough to know, or those who slept through history classes, let me give you a brief account of the underlying documented situations which led up to the sudden and unprovoked invasion of Poland on that September morning in 1939.

It was “appeasement” on the part of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and the leaders of France and Italy. Some grade school kids may recognize this as situations like “Give me your lunch money, kid, and I promise I (bully kid!) won’t bother you anymore,”… only to have the same or similar situations go on and on with greater catastrophes!

With countries, “appeasement” is a diplomatic policy of granting political, material, or territorial concessions to an aggressive power (bully!) in order to avoid conflict (repercussions on a “weaker nation!). Such is the current situation between Russia (bully!) and Ukraine (“little kid being picked on”!).

The Munich Agreement of Sept. 30, 1938 was supposed to prevent Hitler and the Nazi War Machine from any incursion into Czechoslovakia if Czechoslovakia “gave up” the Sudentenland region to Germany. The Sudentenland is an area where more than 3 million people, mainly ethnic Germans, lived. The Sudentenland had been recognized as a natural border between the Czech and the German states since the early Middle Ages. It provided a natural obstacle from any possible German attack. The Sudentland was of absolute strategic importance to Czechoslovakia!

Germany had started a “low intensity” (“minor incursion” where have we heard that phrase, recently?!) of Czechoslovakia on Sept. 17, 1938. Great Britain and France, which had “alliances,” or “security pacts” with Czechoslovakia, did an “about-face” on those agreements, and formally asked Czechoslovakia to “give up” its territory to Hitler which was followed by Poland (Sept. 21, 1938) and Hungary (Sept. 22, 1938) subsequently giving up some of their territory, also.

The Munich Agreement of Sept. 29-30, 1938 was quickly and peacefully reached on Hitler’s terms, and signed by the Fascist and Nazi leaders of Italy and Germany and the leaders of Great Britain and France. British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, claimed that this agreement promoted “peace for our time” on Sept. 30, 1938. Hitler invaded Poland less than a year later on Sept. 1, 1939 in a “blitzkrieg-type-war” or “lightning war” which culminated 35 days later (Sept. 1, 1939 – Oct. 6, 1939) with the surrender of Poland. Great Britain and France immediately declared war on Germany starting World War II.

The Munich Agreement of Sept., 1938 is widely regarded as a failed act of appeasement, and has become a byword for the futility of appeasing expansionist totalitarian states.

To those living in some countries of Eastern Europe, the Munich Agreement of 1938 has become known as The Munich Betrayal because it allowed Germany and the Third Reich to quickly and peacefully take over Czechoslovakia’s borderlands. It was supposed to be Hitler’s last territorial claim in Europe in order to promote peace. As you can see, this didn’t stop Hitler’s appetite for more territory and greater power. It just delayed the inevitable!

Today, nearly a century later, we have a “bully” in Russia under the reign of Putin. He has slowly and steadily regained control of former Soviet states which claimed their independence after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the breakup of the former Soviet Union. Left unchecked, he will gobble up Eastern Europe, and create another Russian Empire! Former President Ronald Reagan and former Pope John Paul, II must be turning in their graves! Former members of the Polish Solidarity Union must be trembling! These three were the key players in crumbling the walls of the former Soviet Empire!

While Putin may become the Hitler of the 21st century, Biden is certainly the Neville Chamberlain of the 21st Century by his appeasement to Putin of the Nord Stream Pipeline (a natural gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea providing Germany and all of Europe with Russian natural gas, thus enriching Putin with enough money to wage war upon his neighbors as Hitler did less than a century ago!) and not reinforcing our NATO Allies with American military might sooner.

Let’s hope and pray history doesn’t repeat itself!

Nick De Mayo
Sugar Hill, NH


Op Ed, “Americans – wake up!”

Let’s stop blaming everything on COVID!  True, it was the start of things going wrong…people dying, loss of jobs, mask mandates, etc.  Thank you, China. Then, Joe Biden came into office.

Look at what is going on.  We are being overrun by illegal immigrants.  Our borders have been eliminated. The drug cartels are getting richer by the minute, and the drugs here in America have exploded with thousands upon thousands of drug deaths.

Let the immigrants come, however, but let them come LEGALLY!  We have enough drug problems, money problems, and stealing and killings, now.  Do we need more?

You can say what you want, and you can ignore the problems by “burying your head in the sand,” but it is here!  Do we want Socialism?  NO!  Let’s all get together, and fight this.  I know many of you did not like President Donald Trump.  However, he DID the job.  He loves America!!

Democrats and Republicans look around.  Is what President Biden doing OK?  His approval rating is 28%!

We NEED TERM LIMITS!  Should we continue to give these career politicians all that power?  Take Nancy Pelosi, for example, she is a dedicated dictator by being in power for almost 50 years!  They make so much money in politics, and then we give them, or should I say, they TAKE a great benefits package  – for the rest of their lives!

Republicans should wake up!  You say you are upset about what is going on, and then do nothing.  In the next election, we need to get rid of the RINO’s!  They are NO help to the Republican Party!

Democrats should wake up.  Look around you.  The stores are empty.  No one is stocking the shelves in many of our stores.  Many restaurants need servers, and good, experienced professionals as nurses, police, fire, and teachers are quitting because we are giving lots of money at the start of the COVID epidemic, and it’s still going on now!  FREE everything!  STOP IT!

Why are the Democrats allowing a President (in name only!) to run the country who is incapable of running it by himself!  So, who is really “pulling the strings”?  It’s all done “behind closed doors”!  The Vice President isn’t any better with an approval rating LOWER than the President’s!  In addition, many of her staff members are leaving her staff.  All she does is laugh at what is going on.  Where is she, anyway?

It is sad that the Republicans and the Democrats cannot civilly debate the issues, clearly and understandably so we can all grasp the issues and their positions….for the BETTERMENT of our great country!  The Democrats have closed minds.  They just don’t want to debate.  As Dr. Phil says, “How’s that working for you?!”

The drug cartels have taken over.  They are getting extremely rich with open borders.  Drugs are destroying our youth!  Look around you.  We now have a country of Zombies!  All they do is sit around, shoot up, and get high.

There are some good Democrats in office who need to speak up, and stop being puppets!  Otherwise, we can say “Good-bye” to the country that we have all known.  I cannot believe that the Democrats, as smart as they think they are, can really approve of what is going on.  Wake up, Democrats!

Why are we thinking of giving illegals $450,000.00 per child of our tax money?  I know many Americans who could use that money, themselves, to pay for their sky-high heating bills this winter.  That scares me!

President Biden is thinking of shutting down another pipeline.  Is this crazy, or what?  America has vast reserves of oil, coal (2nd only to China!), and natural gas, and we are begging Saudi Arabia and Russia to pump more oil in order to lower gas prices.  Does that make sense?  Last year, we were energy independent; now we are begging for help.  Democrats are in lock-step with the Biden Administration on this, and many issues.  Why?  Aren’t they independent thinkers?

We have young people going into stores, stealing whatever they want, and all the owners can do is watch it happen.  What are we doing?  “Defund the police” has taken over, and the police officers’ hands are tied instead of trying to protect the people they swore an oath to serve.  If they try to arrest someone for breaking the law, they are told they are racists, and the criminals are allowed to go free.  Take the guy who drove into the Christmas parade marchers in Wisconsin.  If his bail were set higher, he wouldn’t have been able to drive through that parade, killing all those innocent people.

California used to be a beautiful state.  The governor is incapable of running it.  He is one of the Elite, and has shown his people he can do whatever he wants.  Who would want to visit California these days?  All you see on the streets are tents, drugs, needles everywhere, feces, urination, and pan-handling.  The homeless have taken over, and are allowed to do whatever they want.  No wonder people are leaving California in droves to re-settle in other states!

The protestors don’t want to just protest.  All they want to do is burn the American flag, destroy buildings and statues, loot, and fight.

Why don’t the Elites like Oprah, use her Billions of dollars, and speak up?  Why, because they can run away to one of their many houses, and have a great time behind their gated communities, and not think about what is going on in the lives of the rest of us.  Obviously, they do not care!  Don’t they realize they cannot take their Billions with them when they go?  They can give to their many charities, and do good all around the world, but why not start with America?  All they would need to do is SPEAK UP!  That’s what is needed now.  When God comes for them, and He will, what will He say?  I gave you talents, and you made Billions, but you destroyed America!

Critical race Theory.  Why?  Let us be who we are?  Who cares what color….we are all children of God!

Let’s all try to get along with each other, and pray, pray for America!

Nick De Mayo, M. Ed.
Sugar Hill, NH


Biden’s Boondoggle in Afghanistan is America’s Waterloo

The following letter to the editor was written by our Chairman Nick De Mayo and appeared in the New Hampshire Union Leader on August 26, 2021.

IN OCTOBER 1781, after many bloody years of fighting, the world turned upside-down when British Lt. General Lord Charles Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington at the Battle of Yorktown in Virginia, pretty much ending the Revolutionary War. Like Joe Biden, who hid and cowered in his camp (Camp David in this case) after his recent loss of Afghanistan to the murderous Taliban, Cornwallis, upon his loss of the American colonies, feigned illness, hid in his camp, and surrendered his sword to Washington via an underling, prompting Washington to appoint an underling to accept Cornwallis’ sword of surrender. America gained its independence while Great Britain lost part of its empire, world-wide prestige and vast political power, not to mention control of the vast natural resources of America … timber, coal, fur, gold, silver, coal, and its talent. The British spent millions of pounds to finance a war that would become the high-water mark of their empire as it marked the beginning of the decline.

Again, the world turned upside-down when Napoleon, on June 18, 1815, lost at the Battle of Waterloo resulting in loss of power and prestige for France, and the ability to more easily export its traditional culture. Similarly, Napoleon was deposed, and France, like Great Britain in the loss of the Revolutionary War, spent much in money and men, and lost much afterwards.

What do we expect of Joe Biden’s fumbling and bumbling with his surrender to the Taliban in Afghanistan? Similar expectations as those which occurred in the first two scenarios?! Let’s look at the facts.

In addition to losing trillions of taxpayers’ dollars in weapons, infrastructure and training over 20 years, thousands of U.S. servicemen and women have lost limbs and lives to this lengthy endeavor. The will of the U.S. military under the present commander in the White House, from the Defense Department to the general staff, seem unwilling to commit to the fight, as was the case with the British after losing in America in 1781 and the French after losing to the British in Belgium in 1815.

Additionally, America has lost influence and prestige around the world with our allies and those we claim to protect through our international treaties. Do you think South Koreans are resting easy with this Middle East fiasco? How about Taiwan (formerly, the island of Formosa named by the Portuguese for “beautiful island”) … do you think the Taiwanese are assured of America’s long-standing commitment to protect their independence from mainland Communist China?

Who is going to trust America after this sudden abandonment of its own citizens, and those who acted as translators, guides and adherents of western culture? What about the safety of those women and girls who were promised human rights, education and western freedoms who were spared from Sharia Law for the last 20 years?

Where are the thousands of voices of the progressives of the Democrat Party who demanded women’s rights for the last 50 or so years? Why are they silent now?

In the words of retired General B.B. Ball:

“America will be known as an unreliable, bankrupt, ex-world power … Traditional friends and allies will no longer look to America for leadership as an example of the strength offered by free, democratic, capitalistic and Judeo-Christian ideals. The age of socialism, communism and dictatorial theocracy is now shadowing the entire globe. Freedom’s Beacon has turned off for the former Free World and all who aspire for liberty. All this at the feeble hands of an incompetent and senile old man guided by unelected, gutless, socialist, anti-American ideologues who control his every move.”

It’s time for Joe Biden to resign, be impeached, or certainly not re-elected. He has demonstrated that he is unfit to hold the crucial office of President of the United States.

New Hampshire voters facilitate the administration’s ineptitude by sending a quartet of liberal, socialist, progressives to Washington. Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan and Reps. Chris Pappas and Ann Kuster can be relied upon to always toe the party line and support every destructive Democrat proposal that Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Kamala Harris, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and The Squad dream up.

These leftists even support communist ideas like “federalizing” our elections, banning voter ID proposals, eliminating the Electoral College…proposals that do not help New Hampshire nor America. Our federal delegates seem to support every stupid, America-destroying notion proposed by the befuddled occupant of the White House. The next fiasco for the New Hampshire and American taxpayer is the $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Bill, the keystone of Biden’s agenda.

This has to stop! Help New Hampshire and America get back on the right track by changing who we send to Congress. Vote for conservative candidates next time around.

Nick De Mayo, M.Ed., is a retired school teacher and Northern Grafton County Republican Committee chairman. He lives in Sugar Hill.


Kudos to all for development of the NH State Budget

In short, the latest New Hampshire State Budget signed into law by Governor Chris Sununu, and passed by the New Hampshire State Legislature largely with Republican support, focuses on many aspects of everyday life of Granite Staters. Who, in his/her right mind, doesn’t like lower taxes and more benefits?

Overall, this 2021 New Hampshire State Budget provides: help for Main Street businesses; property tax reduction; education funding; education improvement; help for working families; improvements in the field of Mental Health Services; improvement in Health Care Services; promotion of safe communities; protection for our environment; protection for children; promotes homeless shelter programs; improvements to Infrastructure; increased savings for the “Rainy Day Fund;” strengthening anti-discrimination laws; and lastly, protection for life.

This creative NH State Budget provides tax relief to various segments of NH society: families, senior citizens, and small businesses. 

Over the next 10 years, for example, Granite Staters will realize over $1 Billion (with a “B!) in tax savings.  Some ways in which this is accomplished are: lowering the Rooms and Meals Tax by 5.55% to 8.5%, and reducing taxes on small business with inclusion of reduction in the BET business tax by 8.33% with a similar reduction in the BPT business tax by 1.30%; fully eliminating the Interest and Dividends Tax for those seniors with IRA’s and other Savings Plans; exempting over 30,000 small NH businesses from even filing taxes by raising minimum business tax thresholds; and, by providing $100 Million to NH small businesses in PPP tax relief. These should all translate into savings for NH businesses, residents and families, and visitors.

Thanks to New Hampshire voters, who, by capturing the Legislative and Executive Trifecta, have made economic policy pay off for New Hampshire!

Nick De Mayo


Local Northern Grafton County Representative Accountability

LTE, “How your local Northern Grafton County representatives voted on GUN CONTROL, year-to-date”

In order to help voters in the communities of Northern Grafton County understand more about how their local representatives are voting when down in Concord, the following gives some meaningful explanation and transparency on GUN CONTROL votes.  Check recent editions of local newspapers to learn about local reps’ votes on TAXES and FEES and EDUCATION.

EGAN, Timothy (Democrat, Sugar Hill)

  • AGAINST: permitting self-defense within a vehicle (HB 197);
  • AGAINST: strengthening the right to keep and bear arms (CACR 8);
  • AGAINST: clarifying that displaying a firearm does not constitute reckless conduct (HB 195);
  • AGAINST: stating that displaying a firearm to warn away a trespasser is not a crime (HB 196);
  • AGAINST: requiring political subdivisions to obey state law regarding firearms regulation (HB 307);
  • AGAINST: making it faster for law-abiding citizens to obtain approval from a background check (SB 141);
  • AGAINST: prohibiting the state from enforcing any federal statute, regulation, or Presidential Executive Order that restricts or regulates the right of the people to keep and bear arms (SB 154).

MASSAMILLA, Linda (Democrat, Littleton)

  • AGAINST: permitting self-defense within a vehicle (HB 197);
  • AGAINST: strengthening the right to keep and bear arms (CACR 8);
  • AGAINST: clarifying that displaying a firearm does not constitute reckless conduct (HB 195);
  • AGAINST: requiring political subdivisions to obey state law regarding firearms regulation (HB 307);
  • AGAINST: allowing law-abiding persons to carry a loaded firearm on an OHRV or snowmobile (HB 334);
  • AGAINST: making it faster for law-abiding citizens to obtain approval from a background check (SB 141);
  • AGAINST: prohibiting the state from enforcing any federal statute, regulation, or Presidential Executive Order that restricts or regulates the right of the people to keep and bear arms (SB 154).

RUPRECHT, Denny (Democrat, Landaff)

  • Absent: permitting self-defense within a vehicle (HB 197);
  • ABSENT: strengthening the right to keep and bear arms (CACR 8);
  • ABSENT: clarifying that displaying a firearm does not constitute reckless conduct (HB 195);
  • ABSENT: stating that displaying a firearm to warn away a trespasser is not a crime (HB 196);
  • ABSENT: requiring political subdivisions to obey state law regarding firearms regulation (HB 307);
  • ABSENT: allowing law-abiding persons to carry a loaded firearm on an OHRV or snowmobile (HB 334);
  • AGAINST: making it faster for law-abiding citizens to obtain approval from a background check (SB 141);
  • AGAINST: prohibiting the state from enforcing any federal statute, regulation, or Presidential Executive Order that restricts or regulates the right of the people to keep and bear arms (SB 154).

In the wise words of Beta MetanI’Marashi, “Before you cast your vote, be sure you don’t cast your freedom out of the window.  Please be sure you do not vote for anyone who is out there after your freedom, after your religion, and after your gun!  What they have in common?…Fascist Socialist, Nazist Socialist, Marxist Socialist, Democrat Socialist, Global Socialist?”

Nick De Mayo, M.Ed., NGCRC, Chairman


How your local Northern Grafton representatives voted on EDUCATION

In order to keep voters in Northern Grafton communities apprised of how their local representatives are voting in Concord on various issues, this list provides some transparency.  Two weeks ago, the topics of TAXES & FEES were presented for your inspection.  The topic for this message is: EDUCATION.

EGAN, Timothy (Democrat, Sugar Hill):

  • AGAINST: giving parents more information about students’ assessments (HB 194);
  • AGAINST: expanding the choice of school options in an educational hardship to private schools and not just public schools (HB 388);
  • AGAINST: requiring schools with unused space to make it available to approved charter school students (HB 278).

MASSAMILLA, Linda (Democrat, Littleton):

  • AGAINST: giving parents more information about students’ assessments (HB 194);
  • AGAINST: expanding the choice of school options in an educational hardship to private schools and not just public schools (HB 388);
  • AGAINST: requiring students in the university and college systems of New Hampshire to pass the US Civics Naturalization test (HB 319);
  • AGAINST: requiring schools with unused space to make it available to approved charter school students (HB 278).

SIMON, Matthew (Republican, Littleton):

  • AGAINST: giving parents more information about students’ assessments (HB 194).

RUPRECHT, Denny (Democrat, Landaff):

  • ABSENT: giving parents more information about students’ assessments (HB 194);
  • ABSENT: expanding the choice of school options in an educational hardship to private schools and not just public schools (HB 388);
  • ABSENT: requiring students in the university and community college systems of New Hampshire to pass the US Civics Naturalization test (HB 319);
  • ABSENT: requiring schools with unused space to make it available to approved charter school students (HB 278).