The Radical Left’s Poison

Recently in Oregon, the education officials decided that mandating students to be competent in reading, writing and math in order to graduate is unnecessary and disproportionately harms students of color. Hundreds of people responded in opposition to this including gubernatorial candidate Christine Drazen who said “It is not bigoted, it is not racist, to want your students to be able to actually learn”. Remember this is the same state that came up with “ethnomathematics”, because math involves finding the correct answer. Well, they believe that “White supremacy manifests itself in the focus on finding the right answer”, therefore it is no good. So according to these people, being educated and striving for accuracy in mathematical calculations is racist.

A little while back in Philadelphia, two nights of looting and destroying stores took place. Mobs of people, coordinated through social media, went on a two night rampage through the city, looting and destroying stores. The police chief said that this had NOTHING to do with an earlier shooting incident and was just an excuse to riot. There were some arrests made including a woman known as “Meatball” who was live streaming to her 181,000 instagram followers and encouraging the rioters. There was a huge critical outcry against her. Her lawyer immediately caused the criticism against her as racist:

“It sickens me to witness the media’s complicity in what can only be described as an all-out assault on black and brown people, as their character and actions are mercilessly vilified,”….” These people were looting and destroying stores, and no one is supposed to criticize them? And if you do then you are racist?

Hillary Clinton says that all Trump supporters need to be deprogrammed and that they are all racist and the GOP base is all bigots. So she is implying that all Trump supporters should be literally rounded up and imprisoned and have some mental procedure/indoctrination performed to make them think differently? Sounds like the Nazi Dr Josef Mengele who did experiments on the concentration camp prisoners. So, according to Clinton, if you support law and order, strong penalties for criminals, working for a living, fair trade, a strong defense, secured borders, energy independence, low unemployment, (among the lowest ever for minorities, under Trump!) low gas prices and accountability, then you are racist and must be “reprogrammed”?

New York City has agreed to pay more than $13 million to roughly 1,300 people who were arrested or “beaten” (yeah, right) by police during the BLM riots. The police do their jobs to try to stop the destruction and looting of the city as well as physical attacks on innocent people and they were wrong in doing so? And these criminals end up being rewarded for their actions? If you recall, anyone who spoke out against BLM was deemed racist.

Ibram X Kendi and Espn is doing a special on racism in sports called “Skin in the Game. Really? Well most of the NFL and NBA are black and are mostly millionaires. Even In college football under the new NIL system, college players can now make money in endorsements.—Dieon Sanders’ son, Shedeur, for example, who is the quarterback of the University of Colorado team, has endorsement deals worth 5.1 million. So this young black man is already a millionaire and not even out of college. Boy, I guess making millions of dollars for playing a game with people cheering you on and doing commercials is a form of discrimination. Who knew?

And let’s not forget Peter Buttigieg’s claim that the highway systems had racial inequities because they were designed to separate black from white communities. Are the white passing lines on the highways racist too?

As usual, this is the radical left’s “go to” strategy. As soon as something goes against them or if someone opposes them or calls them out on their actions, they are automatically a racist. There is also the left’s “cancel culture” who try to make EVERYTHING racist. Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott (who is black) sees through this poison and speaks out against it. (I feel Tim would be an AWESOME president!) I believe that most minorities also see through this poison. They see that they are being played and used for the radical left’s gain. They see the truth. The “cry racist” garbage is a “boogeyman” the radical left created basically because they can’t stand on the principles of their policies and radical ideology which is steeped in socialism and marxism. So to get people to buy in they create a “boogeyman” which will in turn create a “you against the racist American system” mentality. Say it loud enough and often enough and people will begin to believe it. This is their way of getting votes. People need to stop supporting this ilk in ALL levels of government positions from the president down to city councils and school boards. Their filthy rhetoric rapidly permeates in ALL places of our society and spreads like cancer. People need to vote in conservative candidates who support our constitution, law and order, accountability, common sense and just plain old human decency.