This is Insanity

by Alex Foryan

In the past month we have seen some unbelievably ludicrous actions of the radical left. In New York, the city is going to pay the BLM protesters that rioted in 2020, destroying, burning, looting and attacking the police and innocent people. 1300 people are going to be paid 13 million dollars if they were”beaten” (yeah, right) and arrested by the police. What message is that sending? It’s OK to riot and destroy property and hurt people because of the actions of one man? What message does this send to the police officers in NY? That the police are all wrong for using force and arresting these people who physically attack them, others and are destroying property?
Basically NY just gave a green light to any group (that the radical left supports) to do anything they want because there will be no consequences. In fact, they may get rich off of it. Because, in the radicals’ eyes, the rioters are the victims—not the homeowners, store owners, police and innocent bystanders.
In Illinois, the state passed a law ending the cash bail system. The justification was that it was unconstitutional because some don’t have the money to post bail. Well gee, golly, gosh! Maybe they should think of that before they go out and perform criminal acts! So anyone who commits a crime and is “not a threat” will be set free immediately. Businesses and people are leaving Chicago because of the theft, property damage and violence.
Remember what their new progressive Mayor, Brandon Johnson, said when gangs of teenagers ran amok in the city damaging property, fighting police, setting cars on fire and attacking innocent people? He said that he didn’t condone what they did BUT “they should not be demonized because they were starved of opportunities in their communities”. This guy defends these thugs who are destroying his own city? As mayor, shouldn’t he be prosecuting all of these criminals and standing up for the law abiding, tax paying citizens? I wonder if he would feel differently if they destroyed his home and hurt members of his family. He probably lives miles away in a beautiful safely guarded house. As far as the “starving opportunity” narrative goes, I guess if these kids aren’t coddled and handed everything it gives them the right to go on a destructive rampage. The only thing they are starving from are parents who should be teaching them right from wrong and holding them accountable.
In addition, the Illinois governor, JB Pritzker, signed a bill that will allow non-citizens to become police officers! Let’s see, they are going to have a no cash bail and non-citizens for police officers. What could possibly go wrong? Also, Chicago, like NY and other Democrat led cities are putting illegals up in hotels. I guess they never thought about our own homeless veterans or other homeless US citizens that they could take care of instead.
In California, the “Snake Burglar ( he crawls on his stomach to avoid the motion sensors) pleaded guilty to 54 felony charges and has been set free. When he was arrested, he had just been sentenced to 16 months for a prior 23 felonies. Due to jail overcrowding, he was only locked up for 10 days. This guy steals hundreds of thousands of dollars of property and is set free.The Riverside Police chief said “that more time was spent investigating this guy by his officers than the amount of time this guy spent in jail”.
Lastly, our DOJ is suing Texas because they are trying to keep illegals from entering by putting floating barriers in the Rio Grande. A country is NOT a country without borders. A country has a right to protect its borders. Basically Texas is doing what the federal government should be doing. It’s obvious that the Biden administration is all about allowing people to run across the border. No problem for them because the American taxpayers will foot the bill. Plus these illegals will be a bloc of support for the elections–it’s naive to think that they will not be voting somehow.
The aforementioned outrageous actions are all on the part of the radical far left Democrats. I’m sure there are many moderate/common sense Democrats that would disagree with these actions but will not speak out against them. (Does anyone think Truman, JFK or Joe Lieberman would support this madness?) If people keep voting for these radical candidates it will only perpetuate this insanity and spread it throughout our country. It can seep into other states including our beloved New Hampshire. The moderate Democrat and independent voters really need to take a hard look at this. They can make a difference by casting their vote for Republican candidates who would never pay violent rioters, end cash bail or hire non citizens to be on our police forces. If our country keeps heading in the direction in which it is going, we will be nothing more than a third world banana republic.
Alex Foryan
Landaff, NH