Biden’s Agenda Leaves the Welfare of Americans Behind

by Alex Foryan, Landaff, NH

We are into winter and people are struggling financially to heat their homes. Due to Biden’s policies, oil prices are high, our strategic oil reserves are low and are being depleted and we have inflation and job layoffs.  Biden’s administration has stifled drilling and stated that all coal plants will be shut down. As our fuel prices soared, he then begged OPEC for oil and recently Venezuela. Now think about this. Venezuela has a ruthless dictator and Biden wants to give him money for oil  instead of putting it into our own country?  He can open up drilling, create jobs (and bring back the ones that were cut), and make us energy independent (just like Trump was doing!). Fuel prices would drop which would help businesses and consumers alike. This in turn would bring down prices of goods and services, thus helping our economy. Instead Biden and his administration are more focused  on getting rid of fossil fuels. Their  UNREALISTIC radical green energy agenda is more important to them than the welfare of American citizens who cannot afford to heat their homes.  Meanwhile we have sent over 18.2 BILLION  to Ukraine! This is so ludicrous! What is all of this money going to exactly?  How about using some of that money here to help our own citizens during these tough times? Additionally, our southern border is wide open thus allowing illegals to pour into our country daily. Guess who will be supporting them? The American taxpayer, of course. Biden’s actions are crippling our country and directly affecting the lives of American citizens. One would think that the President of the United States would do things to help his own people.  Apparently those things are nowhere to be found on Biden’s agenda.