Carrie Speaks For All Of Us

In the Sept. 2nd edition of The White Mountain Record, Littleton Select Board member and NH District 1 State Senator, The Honorable Carrie Gendreau, voiced her concern over transgender/diversity artwork being displayed on Jing Fong’s building on Jackson Street in Littleton.  The artwork is being sponsored by NOCO Mural Project and North Country Pride.  In addition to others, Becky Colpitts, outreach community coordinator for The Littleton Food Coop Market, who is representing Granite United Way, provided the grant money to pay for the mural.

Senator Gendreau has been receiving many “anti-Carrie” letters in The Record’s LTE section for sharing her views on the matter, especially because of her official titles.  In my opinion, she has the courage, and the duty to speak for all of us who are stakeholders in our northern Grafton/Coos communities (NH State Senate District 1), which she represents.  Senator Gendreau speaks for those stakeholders who are afraid to speak out due to personal retribution.  She speaks out for those who are afraid for their own personal safety.  Senator Gendreau is focusing attention on this issue to help stop this “Liberal-Progressive-Socialist-Communist Bully-ism” toward a segment of the area’s silent residents.  This “wicked tongue-lashing” of a good woman, a good Conservative public servant, and an experienced legislator is deplorable!  Definitely, a political attack, as well!  She and the NH Senate have been there for us in legislating common-sense issues like: school choice, lower taxes, anti-recreational-cannabis-use legalization, and securing our NH borders from invasion by illegal migrants as well as many other Conservative pieces of legislation.

These attacks on Senator Gendreau’s integrity are being waged by the same people who supported Edith Tucker (“I never supported an income tax!”) for NH District 1 State Senate seat now proudly held by Senator Gendreau!  Thank God, Carrie beat her.  Just imagine where we, in NH, would be today, if Edith Tucker won?

One irate opponent criticizes Senator Gendreau while he holds an elected, public position as Moderator of the Profile School Board!  What a hypocrite!  Who’s “calling the kettle black,” Mr. “Let’s-Legalize-Recreational-Cannabis”!  His comments seem very suspicious….perhaps he’s positioning himself for a State Senate run after losing another run for Representative?!

In reading following editions of The White Mountain Record, you’ll notice some other frequent, slobbering “Liberal-Progressive-Socialist-Communist,” anti-Conservative voices from the surrounding towns of Bethlehem, Easton, and Sugar Hill whose efforts re: this matter seem well-coordinated to promote this act of “Liberal-Progressive-Socialist-Communist Bully-ism” of silent, Conservative, Christian area voters and taxpayers.  Or, am I just acting as a “conspiracy-theorist”?

Senator Gendreau has been there for us.  It’s our turn to be there for her!